December 8, 2015

10 Reasons to use Probax for ShadowProtect® Replication


"...We already offer ShadowProtect® replication to our clients, how is this any different?..."


This is a question we're often asked by MSPs who are more than capable of replicating data from one place to another. The answer is, this is completely different, far more fail-safe way to offer ShadowProtect replication to your clients.

I'm not usually a big list-maker, but here are the 10 most obvious points of difference between an MSP who 'already replicates his backups' versus the level of functionality that a Probax Partner has access to.


Have you got the basics covered?

  • Where are you storing your replicas? Are they at the office? Have you got the appropriate insurance for this?
  • What kind of disc are they stored on, and what redundancies besides RAID are employed?
  • What is the service costing you, both in upfront and ongoing cost?
  • Is all of your hardware under warranty, with upgrades scheduled and budgeted for?

Of course, these first 4 points aren't exclusive to ShadowProtect replication, they can be applied to any kind of backups that you store on your own infrastructure and manager for your clients.


What about the technical issues?

  • How do you manage and monitor all of your clients replication jobs? Do you have to check every single email report for every single user?
  • Do you know if ImageManger® has stopped working, or experienced any other random issue?
  • Are you notified if a particular user fails to transfer a backup overnight?
  • Are you notified of CRC corruption?
  • Are you notified if the backup chain is broken? How do you find it and fix it?
  • How do you protect the data from bit-rot? How do you detect it in the first place?

All of the issues and questions raised in the points above are addressed by Probax Control.

The net effect of having all of those measures in place means that you spend up to 80% less time checking, managing and fixing your backups.