April 21, 2016

CrashPlan Backups under fire...Again | DRaaS Plan | Probax

Australian Users Slam CrashPlan Backup on Forums

CrashPlan backup (Code42) has come under fire in online forums again after an Australian customer was informed that his 'old' backups were going to be deleted.

It's not uncommon for users of Freemium-cloud services to be treated this way, but for a paying customer the proposition is ridiculous.

Whirlpool user CTRL-ALT-DOLL explains the situation in this thread. This is not the kind of treatment a customer of 6 years should be given.

While the world has been warming to and adopting the cloud, expectations and reality have frequently been mis-matched. In the case of online backup services, no matter who the provider, a paying user can expect to have their data stored until the end of time, for as long as they pay their subscription. We here at Probax have taken long-term retention to  new level with the impending release of our Archival Storage code-named 'DeepFreeze' (stay tuned for more on this!)

Australian households and businesses are becoming more thorough in their search for cloud backup providers - With data sovereignty usually being on the top of the checklist. We've written about this before.

Although the cloud is based on the premise of ultimate availability and accessibility, users need to rest easy knowing that they can actually contact the provider for any service related issues. Email tickets or phone calls to international time zones aren't always ideal. For Australian users who might have otherwise considered a Crashplan Backup, this might force them to look elsewhere.