May 17, 2017

Data Protection Checklist - Disaster Recovery Plan | Probax

“There have also been other reports made to our online cyber security network and the difficulty is of course there are literally hundreds of instances of ransomware in Australia each week...”

Julie Bishop, Australian Foreign Minister (May 2017)

It has been difficult to ignore the news of the impact WannaCry malware has had globally. As the security saga continues to unfold this week, it is time to ask a few important questions of your current backup system. Knowing your data is fortified and comprehensively backed up will give you priceless peace of mind in a crisis.


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1. Understand the sickness of cybercrime, before you see the symptoms

The cost of cybercrime to Australia is one that is evolving and increasing. In the 15/16 Financial Year alone, ASIO recorded 1095 cyber security incidents on government systems which were considered serious enough to warrant operational responses (ACSC 2016 Threat Report). Assistant Minister for Cyber Security for Cyber Security Dan Tehan has estimated the annual cost to the Australian Economy “conservatively” at AUD$1 billion a year.

This figure seems exorbitant until you discover 60% of targeted cyber attacks strike small and medium businesses*.
The average cost of a cyber attack is over $276 000* and 53% of this cost is on detection and recovery*.

Furthermore, the average time to resolve an attack is 23 - 51 days*, depending on the source. The ill side effects for a business include (but are not limited to):

  • business disruption
  • information loss
  • revenue loss
  • productivity loss and;
  • equipment damage

(* Sources: "Cost of CyberCrime", Stay Smart Online)


2. Diagnose your backup software

Increasing and continuing desire for connectivity should extend to your organisation. The disaster recovery process should be simple, easily connected and your data efficiently transferred.

We recommend asking your current backup software these questions:

  • How do you manage and monitor all of your clients’ replication jobs? Do you currently have to check every single email report for every single user?
  • Do you know if your backup software has stopped working, or experienced any other random issues?
  • Are you notified if a particular user fails to transfer a backup overnight?
  • Are you notified of backup chain corruption?
  • Are you notified if the backup chain is broken? How do you find it and fix it?

If the answer was no, or you were unable to answer any of those questions, your software's immunity could be compromised.


3. Fortify your Backups Disaster Recovery

History shows that businesses are more likely to keep data breaches under wraps, for fear of reputational damage. This only damages a brand further at a vulnerable time - Sony, CocaCola, even international financial institutions. In contrast,  to the more open approach LinkedIn and the Red Cross took in the last year when they both suffered major breaches.

Backing up your data is not the same as simple replication. Probax’s suite of products and partner integrations simplify the backup and disaster recovery process, for when the unthinkable does happen. And it can.

Veeam CloudConnect

Veeam® DRaaS and CloudConnect

Veeam® enables fast Cloud-based DRaaS (Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service) through Probax data centres, embracing virtualization and storage investments, extending them through the hybrid cloud. This becomes even more apparent when combined with Probax for off-site replication, forming an extremely resilient backup and recovery solution.  Veeam offer efficient image-based VM replication delivers true cloud-based disaster recovery for all applications (RTPOs < 15 minutes).

In harmony with Probax's Control dashboard, Veeam® files are interrogated to produce detailed reports on your backups

These reports include:

  • The system host name
  • The VM name, IP address and operating system
  • Compression and de-duplication
  • The restore points available in the backup set
  • The type of backup, whether it be part of the regular restore points or an archived point such as weekly, monthly, etc


Storagecraft ShadowProtect 5

ShadowProtect® by StorageCraft®

Integrating ShadowProtect® with Probax transforms your backup management. StorageCraft ShadowProtect quickly and efficiently creates sector-level backup images of physical and virtual Windows systems. A sector-level backup image is a point-in-time representation of the system and therefore includes not just data but also the operating system, applications, services, and configuration settings.

While simultaneously employing Probax's Scout integration, you can ensure the health of your backup chain and any issues are automatically fixed

Because backup images contain everything on a given workstation, server, or virtual machine (VM), when you need to recover its system, you can do so in minutes rather than hours or days.

StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® lets you:

  • Rapidly access individual data files and folders
  • Restore to the same or different hardware or a virtual environment in a matter of minutes
  • Boot a backup image as a VM for a quick, temporary fix

However you integrate for your organisation, the result is and a highly advanced, secure and elegant system - and peace of mind!

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