May 2, 2016

Equinix Wins Probax Storage Deal In NSW | Probax

MSPs can retrieve large cloud backups directly from Equinix SY1 facility


Sydney IT providers rejoice! The newest Probax Storage Node has gone live, housed in Equinix' SY1 facility.

The storage roll out comes with more than 1 Gbit of bandwidth, 10PB of storage and network peering with NSWIX.

Probax Partners will be able to retrieve large data sets directly from the DC that would otherwise take too long to download even over high-speed links. It is the next step along the road map towards faster recoveries in all states and territories regardless of size.

The other benefit to partners is the freedom of choice when it comes to selecting a storage node for a clients backups. Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or any combination of the 3 sites can be chosen to house client backups, a handy feature for clients who are required (or prefer) geographically disparate copies of information.

Equinix’s Sydney data centre SY1 is strategically located in Mascot, close to the Southern Cross Cable Head and about 6.2 kilometres from the Central Business District. This is one of many state-of-the-art IBX centres in key metropolitan areas throughout Asia-Pacific that offers a full range of premium colocation, interconnection and support services to a wide range of secure digital ecosystems built by networks, enterprise, content, cloud and IT services companies and financial institutions. More information on the facility can be found on the Equinix website.