December 11, 2015

End of Year Celebrations with IX Australia

Celebrations with IX Australia over in Melbourne and here in Perth!

Probax is a long-time partner with WAIX in Western Australia, and in recent years have extended our peering capabilities with VICIX.

The Probax - IX relationship is significant; granting faster, cheaper transit within respective peering networks. Given the amount of traffic being sent to Probax servers in Perth and Melbourne on a daily basis, WAIX and VICIX represent huge cost savings for end users and MSPs who would otherwise be using more expensive links to upload data.

The celebrations proved to be a great opportunity to catch up with familiar faces from our extensive Partner network over in Melbourne, as well as our home-grown heroes at the Perth function.

For more information on what IX Australia has to offer the IT community, please visit their website, and be sure to register for their end of year events in 2016!

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