May 25, 2015

CrashPlan Delivers Bad News to Australian Resellers

CrashPlan No Longer Offering Backup Drive Seeds

The well known backup provider CrashPlan has stopped offering initial seeds of large backup sets via external HDD to its Australian end users and VARs.

It's not the first time the service has come under scrutiny - and the quiet retreat of the American company from Australian data centres has raised the ire of Australian users who weren't informed upfront, instead they discovered it when attempting to seed a new customer backup only to be told it wasn't available anymore.

For IT service providers looking after clients who only have an ADSL connection, this will cripple the offsite backup migration process. Although ADSL has proven time and time again to be sufficient for daily incremental backup transfers, the initial backup or 'base image' is always going to be much bigger than an incremental.

Probax continues to offer free drive seeding to its Australian storage nodes, with resellers simply covering the cost of postage.

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