October 20, 2014

Cryptolocker Attacks Surging in Australia

Homegrown Backup Wholesaler is Helping Australian Companies Recover from Ransomware Attacks

Cryptolocker has gained notoriety amongst the IT industry with a series of extremely effective attacks on innocent businesses. It is usually downloaded in an email by an unsuspecting employee, and looks like it comes from a legitimate and safe source. Once opened, it infects all local drives with an encryption and can only be removed by paying a 'ransom' to the developers anonymous bitcoin account.

As a wholesaler to the Australian IT industry, Corporate Backup is no stranger to Cryptolocker. Every day, tales from the MSP channel emerge about a new client who has fallen victim to the ransomware, and needs to do a full data recovery from the Probax Backup Platform.

Local backups are not immune to Cryptolocker, as it attacks everything presented as a local drive, including an external hard drive or NAS device. There is no backup software on earth that can tell the difference between a healthy file and an infected file, it simply registers the changes and backs them up. Therefore even a backup system is not immune to the virus, but there is a solution.

The Probax Platform allows IT providers to set their own retention periods for Shadow Protect, Veeam , NAS sync and File-type backups, such that in the event of an attack like Cryptolocker, they can simply restore the last backup prior to the infection.  A reputable IT partner should be performing backups daily, if not even more frequently, so businesses are often able to get back up and running with discernible gaps in their information.

If you are IT service provider, or an IT manager within a large organisation, talk to Corporate Backup today about using the Probax Platform to protect yourself against attacks, disasters and accidents that threaten your company data.