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How to Add Value to Your Existing Dropbox Licensing and Migration Service Clients | Probax

In a world increasingly driven by data, cloud-based services continue to provide organizations with the flexibility and agility they demand. As a leading cloud storage and collaboration platform, Dropbox leads by example when it comes to data storage, accessibility and collaboration.

While MSPs are familiar with Dropbox licensing, migration, and consolidation as part of their service catalogue, dedicated data security measures are also needed to ensure complete integrity and compliance.

Now more than ever, organizations demand the very best when it comes to data management and security. Resellers and technology partners in the Dropbox Partner Network can benefit from this trend by offering their clients an additional layer of protection.

Dropbox data protection services from Probax aren't just a great revenue stream; they're a fantastic way to add value and look after your existing clients.

Cloud-based storage retention policies

Organizations are increasingly moving away from on-site storage as they embrace cloud-storage and collaboration technology. There are many advantages to this approach, with cloud-based information faster to access from multiple end-points, easier to integrate with existing online data and services, and much more capable of third-party collaboration.

While the move towards the cloud is undeniable, there is a variance when it comes to data protection and retention policies.

Take for example Dropbox , used by millions as a cloud data storage and collaboration solution.

It’s important to note that when it comes to deleted files, Dropbox removes them after 120 days.

If those files were deleted as a result of human error or malicious intent, and this went unnoticed, recovering the deleted data at a later date wouldn’t be possible.

Add value with a dedicated Dropbox security solution

Probax specializes in Dropbox data protection. Our Dropbox packages are a great way to protect your clients and add value to your existing licensing and migration service.

Let's take a look at four ways you can add value by offering Dropbox data security as an MSP:

  1. Additional layer of protection
    Big data breaches are all over the news, with most organizations more than keen to protect important operational and customer data. Our dedicated Dropbox Backup & Archive solution provides an additional layer of protection, including managed backup, managed disaster recovery, and managed SaaS protection.
  2. Safeguard against user error
    Humans can and do make errors. They always have and they always will. Our Dropbox data security packages protect against user error by archiving all files, even when they've been deleted. This level of protection is critical for all organizations involved with customer records.
  3. Integration with other backup solutions
    Here at Probax we deal with a range of intelligent and automated cloud solutions. We manage and monitor cloud data across multiple sites and organizations, and can integrate Dropbox data with additional data services. In a modern world reliant on speed and agility, integration is a great way to add value.
  4. Compliance and peace of mind
    Probax provides MSPs with an additional data protection solution that helps their end customers to relax and focus on their operational capacity.

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