May 5, 2016

Medical Centre Backup

Sector by Sector - IT Providers working with Medical Centres

Among the Probax end user base (served via our Partner Network) there is a  high number of Medical Centres on the platform.

Together with Finance and Law, and the entire spectrum of businesses operating in those fields, the medical industry is one of 'The Big 3' sectors being serviced by Probax Partners.

Probax Partners almost always encounter the same scenario on entering a clinic after winning the business: The backups are the job of the longest serving receptionist, usually just taking a copy home on an external drive. Either that, or the Practice Management software performs it's own backup to the drive in question. This raises more potential problems than it mitigates.

At a basic level, practice directors approve the use of Probax because it runs 100% Australian servers across Perth, Melbourne & Sydney, the backups are encrypted end to end and they retain ownership at all times - With the ability to block their IT providers access (if necessary)

Too often, vendors use compliance, regulation and audit as buzz words with neither party being fully aware of their obligations.

There are a number of factors to consider as an IT provider when you're providing services to local clinics and practices.

  • Australia's medical industry is insular and fractured, operating on a state by state basis rather than a federal level - Consider the differences between states if you're a national business
  • The predominant governing bodies are Medicare, AGPAL and RACGP
  • Besides attaining Medicare accreditation, the average clinic is doing very little to stay abreast of the obligations handed down by the governing bodies

Guidelines within a complex field can be notoriously difficult to find, let alone follow. The Human Services (Medicare) website offers a record keeping guide for Practice Managers highlighting the importance of backing up data but offering no minimum standards or suggestions.

Another common misconception is the application of HIPAA - HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) is a piece of American legislation that does not apply here.

To make matters even more complicated, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (the OAIC) - handling privacy, freedom of information and other government policy regarding information and record-keeping had its funding cut by the Abbot government in the 2014 budget

Despite the enormous amount of red tape - IT Providers can rest easy at night knowing that the Probax solution, combining secure end user passwords, end to end encryption, long term retention options and a choice of Australian data centres exceeds the expectations placed on medical centres to protect their sensitive information.