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May 17, 2018

MSPs Managing Backup Services for Multiple Clients Need a Better Solution

It goes without saying the primary business model of an MSP is to manage the IT infrastructure of a client. Naturally, the only way to grow an MSP business is to grow your client base.

Not only does this increase your revenues, your cost per customer decreases as economies of scale and efficiencies kick in which lead to increased profitability and business growth.

Managing multiple customers is challenging

Managing multiple customers however does come with its own set of unique challenges and juggling priorities across a wide and varied customer base can be demanding at times. Ultimately as an MSP you want to be able to provide each customer with a personalized experience while taking advantage of the business benefits and efficiencies you gain from providing the same service to many customers.

Managing multiple standalone backup services can become overwhelming

The importance of backups in ensuring business survival in the event of a disaster means backup procedures undertaken by MSPs must be foolproof to ensure the longevity of their customers’ business as well as the MSPs reputation as its trusted IT solutions provider.

This requires a zero-tolerance approach as all data needs to be backed up successfully every time. However, if an MSP has multiple customers, each using a standalone backup solution, the resources needed to ensure a perfect backup for each customer each time can become staggering.

Personalisation and consolidation is the key

The solution to a multi customer backup environment is to continue providing a personalized service to each customer while consolidating the tasks on the backend. This gives you the best of both worlds. Happy customers while maximising efficiencies and economies of scale.

Achieving this objective however requires technology. Technology which can both create the personalised customer experience while providing a consolidated control panel for you to manage multiple backup related tasks from a single console.

Probax Control has the features you need

Probax Control is Probax’s solution to managing multiple customer backups and gives MSPs the ability they need to personalize services while managing multiple customers from a single control panel.

Not only does Probax Control give you more power and flexibility when backing up your customers data, it also provides intuitive guidance providing you with insights on what important fixes are required to ensure the data you are backing up is truly protected. In addition, proactive monitoring ensures you are alerted of any flagged incidents without needing to physically log into the Probax Control portal.

The Probax Control platform also supports fully automated VM failover in the event of a disaster, which is powered by Veeam’s award winning backup platform, and gives you detailed insights into any generated error with detailed fixes for errors or warnings which have been generated.

A sophisticated administrative interface allows different user types, giving you the ability to set access limits per user ensuring the sanctity of your customers’ data, and Probax Control also streamlines your billing process by giving you the ability to draw simplified exportable billing reports with easy integration into the most popular invoicing tools.

Finally, Probax Control is not only a consolidated backup management system, it can also be used as a powerful sales and marketing tool, giving you the ability to quote potential customers quickly and accurately.

Manage multiple customers simply and efficiently with Probax Control

As an MSP, managing multiple customers can be challenging and when it comes to managing multiple standalone backup solutions the sheer volume of tasks that need to be completed can be overwhelming.

Probax Control solves this problem by providing you with a powerful consolidated interface which not only helps you manage backups but gives proactive alerts with the insights needed to fix errors when they occur. In addition, Probax Control’s administrative interface helps you streamline your invoicing and even gives your sales team the ability to generate quotes to potential customers quickly and efficiently.

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