September 23, 2015

Netflix Proves Resilience to Amazon Outage

Never Trust a Single Point of Failure - Amazon Outage

Although not strictly related to the Probax Cloud  - The recent outage suffered by Amazon has brought to light the extremely thorough approach to disaster recovery taken by media streaming giant, Netflix (NFLX).

Here's one of the original articles about the Amazon Outage.

As a distributor to the Australian IT industry, our partners often ask us to help them turn clients away from the AA Club - (For those of you playing at home, that's the Amazon-Azure Club). People think that the global wunderkinds of computing and storage can do nothing wrong and their products must bulletproof, and all for mere cents per GB stored!

One of our offerings here at Probax is Cloud to Cloud Replication. We developed Cloud to Cloud because having a single point of failure, no matter how big the company behind the product is, is not sufficient protection from outages and disasters.