November 25, 2015

Out & About in Melbourne for the Probax Roadshow | Probax

"If you don't like the weather here, just wait 5 minutes" 

That quip was leveled at me at least half a dozen times during my Melbourne roadshow at the start of the month. I love Melbourne, I love going there to meet our wonderful partners and meet with companies who are evaluating the Probax platform.

Last time we were in the Eastern States we were promoting our relationships with Veeam and NEXTDC (Original post is here) to MSPs across Sydney and Melbourne.

Every time I'm there I'm struck by the sheer size of the opportunities in front of IT providers there.

  • The economy always seems to be on the up & up (from a tourists perspective) 
  • The attitudes of MSPs and end users lend themselves to early adoption of all things 'cloud'
  • Budgets are more accommodating

Perhaps most noticeable from a WA lads viewpoint is the total lack of reliance on a single boom-bust industry to drive growth and development. Perth businesses attach themselves to the price of Iron Ore and refuse to believe that the sun will rise again tomorrow should the rate take a dive.

Seemingly small IT providers are winning big business deals with healthcare, pharmaceutical, agriculture, technology, tourism, hospitality, not for profit & educational institutions  - The opportunities for protecting massive amounts of data are everywhere!

Perhaps my favourite part of these trips is sitting down with partners, discussing the platform and what it's doing for them. In this photo, we're sitting in a partners boardroom looking at usage, compression and consolidation stats for more than 65 end users.

If I was totally honest I have to say this might also be my favourite thing about hanging out with Melbournians...

Not only is the coffee just so good everywhere I go, they never cost more than $4! I met with a new partner at The Wharf Hotel right on the bank of the Yarra, and the barista was kind enough to make our coffees in pint glasses.

I want to see YOU next time i'm travelling with Probax. If you're an IT provider in Melbourne and like the idea of drinking coffee from a pint glass, get in touch with us today.