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The DRaaS Revenue Opportunity for MSPs On-Demand Probax Pivots to Innovate:

With over 20 years experience and 115 staff across Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Winthrop Australia continues to be one of Australia's leading ICT providers.

Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for their customers is a core component of Winthrop Australia’s success. By unlocking value in existing technology investments, they enhance efficiencies and reduce risk without increasing costs. As an ICT Managed Service Provider, it is their responsibility to ensure their customers can recover data in the event of a malicious, environmental, hardware, or even accidental incident.

However, with technology evolving rapidly, aligning the correct data protection solution with a shifting technology platform proved challenging. After trialling an in-house Backup as a Service solution, Winthrop Australia found it problematic to create a competitive cost model that could scale. As customers want more value from every dollar spent with budgets tightening each year, Winthrop Australia needed a cost-effective solution to protect data on any platform.

After investigating various cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions for their customers, Winthrop Australia started working with Probax in 2017. As Probax’s end-to-end data protection solution ticked all the right boxes, Winthrop Australia migrated all their customers to this platform within a few months. Not only did it furnish Winthrop Australia with a full-service Backup and Disaster Recovery platform, but also created several real-world benefits that they could pass on to their customers.

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