April 12, 2018

Veeam GFS Images and Probax Honeycomb

How long do you feel that you need to retain data for?

Most restore scenarios involve restoring to the very latest restore point, normally within the past week (if not day!).

However, often you need to retain more than a week’s worth of backups – particularly when working with clients that are in a field that legally require minimum data retention. But is it necessary to keep a restore point from a year ago in high performing cloud storage?

Most MSPs responded that they do not perform emergency restores from backups dated from greater than a week ago – but would like to keep historical points to restore individual directories from several months ago if required.

At Probax we understand this, and worked with Veeam to create a solution to this.

Using a standard Veeam Backup Copy Job with GFS, or Grandfather-Father-Son, enabled, you can integrate with Probax Honeycomb and provide you with the flexibility of an all-round solution that:

  • Retains sufficient backups for immediate emergency restore purposes in Probax Hyperformance storage.
  • Retains longer restore points in Probax Honeycomb, starting at $9/TB.
  • Provides MSPs with the ability to service client backups for longer periods of time with an easy to manage solution.

There are:

  • No requirements to reseed regularly to keep the chain length small.
  • Single image restore points available for specified periods of time.
  • Configurable retention periods – the power is in your configuration.


How does this work?

Veeam replicates a base image and incrementals to the cloud, following a forever forward incremental backup method. With GFS enabled, the cloud-side can create weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly images using your existing cloud chain as a reference – this means that the client Veeam B&R Console does not need to replicate an entire image for each GFS snapshot! It is all handled by Probax.

In the event of a restore, you only need to download the one GFS image – no chain required.


That’s great! But where do these images go?

Veeam GFS images are transferred directly from Probax Hyperformance to Probax Honeycomb, using the configuration settings that you define in Probax Control.

You specify exactly how many weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly images that you’d like to keep – any images created above this amount are automatically removed.

Honeycomb also provides you with a solution that protects you from malicious or accidental deletion of data. Honeycomb backup images are air-gapped, which has two distinct benefits:

  • Your client software cannot see the files - which means the client software cannot delete them either accidentally or maliciously.
  • Honeycomb files have a minimum expiry date - which means users cannot delete them either accidentally or maliciously.

Are you interested in a predictable and configurable backup solution that provides you with ultimate cost efficiency?

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