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Why It’s Critical For MSPs To Keep Their Technical Engineers Engaged | Probax

When it comes to finding the perfect formula for business success, a variety of factors need to be taken into account. You need a strategy that leverages your strengths while ensuring you maximise any opportunities. You also need to mitigate the risks of any operational weaknesses and stand ready to combat any threats to your enterprise. Basic economic theory states that an organisation’s assets play a crucial role in enabling them to execute on their strategy. However, there is one vital asset that you will not find on a balance sheet that is crucial to business success – the people who work there.

Look after your people and they will look after your customers

Technology may have transformed the way we work and communicate, but people remain an essential element in implementing and executing your strategic, operational, and tactical plans. Managed Service Providers (MSPs), like every other business, need to attract and retain the best talent.

If we consider that an MSP’s primary role is to provide a service to its clients, your staff are the enabling factor in that equation. Having the right resources is the key to success. They ultimately deliver the services to your customers and are for all intent and purposes the face of your business. That is however, only one part of the equation. You not only need the right people, but you also need to ensure you are utilising their skills in the best possible way.

Like every other commercial enterprise, an MSP needs to maximise its profitability. Increasing revenue is one way of achieving that goal, but finding new customers or growing your revenue base is not that easy. It is far easier to manage cost and resource utilisation as those are factors under your direct control. As your people are a vital asset that have a set cost each month, ensuring they concentrate their efforts on activities that provide the highest return on investment is crucial.

Backup and Recovery is a commodity service

One of the essential services an MSP provides is ensuring they put technologies and measures in place to protect their customer’s data. Ensuring their data is backed up, and recoverable is vital to the sustainability and survivability of their business. However, this crucial task is effectively a commodity and utilising expensive technical engineers to manage backups is a waste of valuable resources. Your staff’s time and efforts could be put to better use implementing technologies that drive innovation and growth for you and your customers.

Managing and monitoring backups can also take its toll on your ability to retain your top talent. As there is a worldwide shortage of skilled technical staff, you need to ensure you provide your employees with a challenging work environment where they can both learn and grow.

Monitoring and managing a backup solution is effectively a routine operational task.

However, having a skilled resource dedicate their time to this chore daily is not the challenge ambitious staff members seek. Technical resources typically join MSPs as these employers give them exposure to a broad set of technologies and a diverse set of customer environments. They look for challenges and opportunities to grow and hone their technical skillsets. Managing backups, even though it is a vital task, will not provide them with the growth they seek after they complete their initial training and discovery phase.

Outsourcing gives you and your staff the freedom to innovate and add real value

Outsourcing the management and monitoring of your customer backups not only gives you the freedom to allocate your staff to more productive tasks but also gives them the career exposure they seek. In addition, when you choose to leverage the services of an organisation that specialises in data protection management, you gain a wide range of additional benefits.

Typically, a specialised service provider will have a particular set of skills in the data protection solutions market, resulting in improved service delivery, reduced risk, and alignment with industry best practices.

Focus on growing your business while we look after your clients’ data protection

Proactively managing the protection of client data creates a variety of challenges for any MSP. It’s time consuming to manage, monitor, test and achieve best practice compliance for clients while keeping your technical engineers engaged.

Solve these issues and unlock a range of benefits for your MSP with Probax Managed Data Protection Services.


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