How MSP Backup Automation is so Much More than Automating Backups

Backup automation enables you to protect your customers’ data without wasting valuable resources.

However, the exact definition and scope of backup automation varies greatly, from simple backup scheduling all the way to full backup deployment, configuration, monitoring, and management automation.

In its most basic form, backup automation refers to the process of setting up workloads to automatically perform data backups at scheduled intervals or based on specific triggers, without the need for manual intervention. However, for most MSPs, backup creation and backup job scheduling are just a tiny part of their day-to-day client environment monitoring and management tasks.

In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits of backup automation, and how true backup automation means more than just scheduled backup jobs. 

What is MSP Backup Automation?

Automated backup processes involve software deployment, licensing, configuration, scheduling, and managing backup tasks without manual intervention, using software or tools to streamline the process.  Backup automation ensures that critical data is systematically replicated, protected and securely stored in secondary, and in some cases, tertiary locations, including cloud environments, enhancing data recoverability and data integrity.

Key elements of automated backup software include:

  • Software Deployment: Installation, licensing, and basic configuration form the initial step in setting up backup software. Effective deployment guarantees that the software is seamlessly integrated into the existing IT infrastructure, ensures compliance with legal and operational requirements, and configures the system to meet the organization’s specific backup and recovery needs.
  • Scheduling: Backups are automated to run at specific times or intervals instead of manual backup jobs, like daily, weekly, or monthly, based on organizational policies and data importance.
  • Data Classification & Selection: Users can specify which files, folders, databases, volumes or systems to include in backups, optimizing storage and efficiency by backing up only relevant data.
  • Incremental Backup: Automation often employs incremental backups, which is a data backup strategy that saves only the changes made to data since the last backup cycle, whether it was a full or another incremental backup. This approach significantly reduces the amount of data that needs to be copied and stored during each backup operation, leading to faster backups and reduced storage and bandwidth consumption.

Benefits of Backup Automation Solutions

Automated backup solutions, such as those offered by Probax, provide a range of benefits that enhance your backup and recovery strategy:

  • Fast and Easy Setup: Unlike manual backup deployment, which is often labor-intensive and prone to user error, automation simplifies the process. Quick setups require just a few clicks, and user-friendly dashboards make backup deployments Additionally, with round-the-clock support from many Managed Service Providers (MSPs), any queries or concerns are swiftly addressed, ensuring a seamless and confident data protection experience.
  • Enhanced Security: Modern backup solutions incorporate cybersecurity measures to defend against cyber threats, including zero-day vulnerabilities. These solutions not only backup local data files but also continuously scan and verify the integrity of backups to ensure they are free from infections, maximizing cyber threat mitigation.
  • Resource Efficiency & Cost Optimization: Combining backup and cybersecurity into a single solution can result in significant cost savings for MSPs and their clients. Advanced ransomware protection, such as those provided by Probax, greatly reduces the expenses associated with comprehensive data protection. Furthermore, automatic backups eliminate the need for manual intervention, freeing up IT resources to focus on higher-priority tasks. There’s no need to track where updated data copies are stored or manage complex naming conventions for backups—simply specify the backup target and preferred storage region, and the automation software handles the rest.
  • Reliability: Automated backups provide reliability by consistently scheduling backups without the need for manual oversight. With options for cloud storage, clients’ data is always accessible, regardless of location, offering peace of mind in the face of disasters and unexpected downtime.


Redefining MSP Backup Automation: The Probax Approach

Traditionally, automating backups has been synonymous with simply scheduling backups to occur at regular intervals. However, with the evolution of technology and the emergence of sophisticated threats like ransomware, the definition of backup automation has transformed.

Probax MSP Backup has redefined backup management and automation for MSPs. 

As the #1 backup and restore management platform for MSPs utilizing Veeam, Probax MSP Backup offers a comprehensive suite of features aimed at eliminating operational inefficiencies while protecting against ransomware attacks.

Holistic Protection for Your Workloads — Wherever They Reside

MSP backup automation safeguards workloads and operating system data across physical, virtual, public cloud, and Microsoft 365 workloads.  Probax provides complete visibility, granular control, and superior automation for MSPs to facilitate managing multi-client environments. 

With such a multi-faceted approach to data protection, MSPs can deliver proactive and responsive services to their clients and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Uncompromised Cost Savings with Hot Cloud Storage Integration

One of the standout features of Probax MSP Backup is its integration with Wasabi hot cloud storage, merging the enterprise-grade power of the Veeam Data Platform with the cost-efficiency of Wasabi’s hot cloud storage. 

Wasabi + Veeam enhances storage capabilities while keeping management tasks simple for MSPs, all within a centralized platform that provides a single pane of glass visibility into your clients’ backup and protection needs. 

But what truly sets Probax MSP Backup apart is its advanced automation capabilities. From automated backup deployment, Wasabi’s hot cloud storage provisioning, backup health verification to real-time monitoring and ransomware detection, our MSP Backup software solution provides a high level of protection for your mission-critical data. 

With Probax, you can effortlessly deploy Veeam Backup & Recovery software to client environments with a simple click, streamlining the deployment process and minimizing downtime.

Maximum Efficiency with a Massive Arsenal of Backup Tools

Probax MSP Backup offers a range of tools that aim to maximize operational efficiency. 

The best-practices analyzer and resolver ensure peak performance by proactively detecting and handling problems before they escalate. Additionally, the Veeam log analyzer and auto-remediation tools provide your MSP with the tools needed to tackle issues as quickly as possible. 

Cloud-to-Cloud Protection for M365 Workloads

For MSPs managing Microsoft 365 environments, Probax MSP automatic backup software solutions offer hassle-free cloud-to-cloud protection with virtually no manual effort, with automated regular testing, backup health verification and ransomware protection. This means that in case of a disaster or ransomware attack, you don’t need to worry about the recoverability of your clients’ backups and instead focus on getting core operations and services up and running again.

Procurement Made Simple

Procuring Veeam licensing and Wasabi storage is quick and simple with Probax MSP Backup. We offer flexible choices that cater to different business priorities and needs while maintaining maximum security and protection, including bundled solutions and a bring-your-own-license approach.

Moreover, Probax MSP Backup will be available via cloud marketplaces in the near future to further simplify purchasing processes for MSPs worldwide. 

Efficiently Carry Out Engineering Tasks

Probax MSP backup solutions seamlessly integrate resources into the Probax platform, enabling you to easily add resources, such as servers, workstations, and other critical components, to start the backup process swiftly.

Once resources are added, Probax utilizes advanced scanning techniques to comb through the network and identify any unprotected resources, guaranteeing that no data is left vulnerable to potential threats or disasters. 

Identified resources can then be equipped with the necessary protection by downloading, and installing Veeam Agent, a robust backup and recovery tool trusted by countless organizations worldwide.

Applying Veeam licenses, provisioning Wasabi Hot Cloud storage and configuring the Veeam Agent software is the next step in the process. Probax simplifies this task by automating license application and configuration, ensuring that resources are fully licensed and ready to perform backup operations efficiently. Moreover, Probax seamlessly provisions storage on Wasabi, providing MSPs with scalable and cost-effective storage solutions to accommodate their clients' evolving needs.

With the groundwork laid, Probax takes control of the backup job configuration, optimizing settings to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability, saving your engineers valuable time and keeping human error at a minimum. 

Seamless M365 Backup and Protection Deployment

The M365 deployment process is fully automated with Probax. The process begins with the automated creation of a new client account, a step that allows MSPs to onboard their clients swiftly and efficiently. 

Within the Probax platform, MSPs can seamlessly select Microsoft 365 protection for Outlook Mail, Contacts, Calendar, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams, as well as designate the desired data storage region and choose an appropriate protection plan, all within a matter of minutes.

Once the foundational setup is complete, Probax facilitates the authentication process with Microsoft 365, simplifying the task of providing administrator credentials securely. This is crucial for ensuring seamless integration between the MSP's infrastructure and the Microsoft 365 environment, laying the foundation for comprehensive backup protection.

With Probax, M365 backup setup and maintenance tasks are fully automated, enabling MSPs to focus on delivering value-added services to their clients rather than getting bogged down in intricate technical configurations. 

Automation plays a pivotal role in this process, allowing Probax to take control and execute essential tasks efficiently. From applying the necessary permissions to configuring Azure applications for optimal performance and provisioning storage on platforms like Wasabi, these processes require just a few clicks, ultimately creating backup jobs tailored to the specific requirements of each client's Microsoft 365 environment.

Ransomware Protection and Backup Immutability

Ransomware threats have become more sophisticated than ever, meaning that proactive actions are no longer a luxury.

Probax MSP Backup protects your clients’ environments against ransomware and other evolving threats with end-to-end encryption and immutable backups, guaranteeing the safety and integrity of crucial data.

Maintaining Compliance

With Probax MSP Backup, MSPs gain a high level of visibility into their clients' backup environments. Using a centralized dashboard, you can granularly control everything in the backup, recovery, and licensing processes, ensuring that every aspect of the backup process aligns with client needs and compliance requirements.

Furthermore, you can utilize fast search-and-find capabilities to meet regulatory or legal requests efficiently.

Get Started with Probax MSP Backup Automation Solutions

Probax offers tailored MSP backup automation and protection solutions with next-gen management portals that streamline workflows and eliminate redundant engineering tasks. 

As a renowned Veeam partner, we offer scalable solutions recognized for excellence. With extensive backup, disaster recovery, and archiving options, including on-site and cloud-based, we cater to the changing needs of our MSP clients.

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