Probax MSP Backup vs Datto Backup: A Comprehensive Comparison of Features

Regardless of the size of your Managed Service Provider (MSP) business, offering services to protect and backup end-user client data and IT infrastructure is vital to protect them from data loss, ransomware, and costly downtime, as well as to ensure business continuity. 

Among the popular backup solutions in the market is Datto Backup. It offers a range of backup and recovery solutions to protect against data loss.

However, data protection is increasing in complexity and cost for MSPs due to ever-increasing data, spread out across on-premises, hybrid cloud and cloud-based workloads. 

MSPs are demanding more robust, flexible, and efficient solutions. 

That’s why many MSPs that use or have considered using Datto Backup are now investigating MSP Backup. Powered by Veeam and Wasabi, Probax MSP Backup has cemented its position as the best Datto Backup alternative for MSPs looking for more features, scalability, cost-effective and flexible solutions, and more importantly, better data protection and replication capabilities.

In this side-by-side comparison, we provide a comprehensive review of features between MSP Backup powered by Veeam v12 versus Datto Backup, allowing you to choose the service with the best features for your MSP.

What Is Datto Backup?

Datto Inc. is a software vendor specializing in backup, recovery, and business continuity solutions tailored for businesses of all sizes. Their suite of data protection products encompasses hardware, software, and virtual appliances, mainly relying on the MSP channel for distribution of their products.

Datto's range of solutions includes the Datto Networking Appliance, Datto Networking Switches, and Datto Networking WiFi, and a centralized, cloud-based management system.

Datto's flagship product is Datto Cloud, offering included storage. This serves as a repository for offsite backups, while also enabling offsite virtualization for business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) operations. 

Additionally, Datto provides cloud-to-cloud backup services for Office 365 and Salesforce, backing up their data to an alternative cloud destination.

What Are the Services That Datto Offers?

Datto offers a range of backup solutions designed to meet the needs of different businesses. Let's take a closer look at each of these solutions:

Datto Alto

Datto Alto is a business continuity (BC) hardware appliance solution for small businesses. It utilizes image-based backup technology and a hybrid cloud platform. Alto protects physical, virtual, and cloud workloads on Windows, Mac, or Linux systems. Alto also features a point-in-time rollback capability.

Alto replicates backups to the Datto Cloud based on a schedule managed by the Alto device.

Datto NAS

Datto NAS is a network-attached storage device that integrates with Datto's cloud infrastructure to provide backup and recovery solutions for different types of workloads. Datto NAS allows the sharing files and folders on the local network, and NAS snapshots can be replicated to the Datto Cloud for backup purposes. Datto NAS is available as a hardware appliance.

The solution is centrally managed and protected by the Datto Cloud.

Datto Siris

Datto Siris is basically a combination of features available in other standalone Datto Backup solutions, specifically Datto NAS and Alto. Just like Datto Alto, it helps protect physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. It also offers the same point-in-time rollback functionality and replicates backups to the Datto Cloud. 

Datto Siris is available in different forms: hardware appliances, software, and virtual appliances.

Datto Drive

Datto Drive offers a platform that enables users to sync and share, both internally and externally. With the added security of the Datto Cloud, it provides a private deployment option for improved protection. 

Datto Drive gives users the choice between utilizing Datto Drive in the cloud or opting for local deployment on Datto NAS or Siris devices. 

It backs up all files so it’s possible to restore data to a previous state, to limit the impact of ransomware attacks. This feature addresses the vulnerability commonly associated with file sync-and-share solutions when it comes to such malicious threats.

The solution supports a range of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and web interfaces.

Probax Says: 

“Datto’s range of services and hardware options have broad appeal. However, users have found limitations with storage options and scalability issues. The major challenges reported by MSPs using Datto include: 

Scalability and Flexibility Issues: Many MSPs have reported difficulties with Datto's scalability, particularly when it comes to storage options. The lack of flexibility in scaling storage solutions to meet the growing needs of clients has been a notable concern.​ 

Competition and Profitability: MSPs have highlighted competition and profitability as major challenges. The competitive landscape has become more demanding, with customers expecting more comprehensive and cost-effective solutions. This pressure can be exacerbated by long-term partner contracts and perceived limitations in Datto’s offerings compared to competitors like Probax and Veeam, which offer integrated solutions with broader functionalities​. 

Support and Customer Service: Although Datto is generally praised for its product excellence and technical support, there have been complaints about the responsiveness and effectiveness of their support team post-acquisition. The consolidation has made some MSPs feel uncertain about the reliability and continuity of support services​.

Acquisition Concerns: The acquisition of Datto by Kaseya has been a significant point of contention. MSPs have expressed concerns about the potential negative impact on product quality, support, and overall trust. Kaseya's past acquisitions have led to integration challenges, which MSPs fear could repeat with Datto​​.

Probax MSP Backup vs Datto Backup: An In-Depth Comparison

Probax MSP Backup represents an excellent alternative to Datto's backup solution for data backup and recovery purposes. 

Now, let’s put the two products face to face to explore their capabilities and give you everything you need to know to consider Probax and Veeam as an alternative to Datto. 

1) Comparing Recovery

Recovery from Storage Snapshots

With MSP Backup, it’s possible to quickly recover individual virtual machines (VMs), guest files, and application items from storage snapshots. Recovering application items from snapshots, either fully or granularly is also enabled. 

Datto Backup, on the other hand, offers this feature in a very limited way with only a few arrays since the platform is restricted to their proprietary cloud storage environment.

Restore to Public Cloud and Object Storage

MSP Backup allows direct recovery of any machine backup to public cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure & Azure Stack, and Google Compute Engine. 

Datto Backup, in contrast, relies on its proprietary cloud environment, so users can’t restore backups to public cloud and object storage providers. This limitation raises issues related to vendor lock-in and the inability to easily change providers when needed. 

Staged Restore

MSP Backup lets custom scripts be added to VMs using an isolated sandbox during the recovery process, which secures data removal and masking and facilitates compliance management. 

Datto Backup, on the other hand, doesn’t offer the ability to inject custom scripts into VMs during recovery. 

2) Comparing Backup

Agentless, Application-aware, Image-Based Backups

MSP Backup enables the creation of application-consistent, image-level VM backups with application-aware processing, all without requiring a persistent OS agent. 

While Datto creates agentless VM backups with application consistency, it lacks support for the wide array of applications that MSP Backup offers. Not to mention, MSP Backup doesn’t require agents for log processing or achieving application awareness, which gives more flexible granular recovery options.

Direct Backup to Cloud Object Storage

MSP Backup enables users to utilize on-premises and cloud object storage for backups to benefit from their scalability and resilience, all without neglecting backup and restore performance.  

Datto, on the other hand, doesn’t have cloud object storage options. It also lacks advanced backup and restore settings, which can be restrictive for the organization’s particular backup needs.

Backup from Storage Snapshots

MSP Backup enables the creation of image-based backups from primary and secondary storage snapshots, providing frequent backups while keeping the production environment’s performance at its best possible level.

In comparison, Datto can’t backup data from storage snapshots.

Backup Copy

MSP Backup offers the convenience of enabling the copying of existing backup data to another storage system or object storage for secondary backup purposes. This includes the flexibility of sending backup data to an offsite location, even if the hardware is different. 

Datto Backup has a similar functionality that allows the backup of data to another repository.

Archive to Cloud and Object Storage for Long-Term Retention

With Veeam-powered MSP Backup, users can take advantage of object storage resulting in cost savings for long-term retention. 

This solution utilizes secure, immutable archival cloud storage, providing affordable storage options. 

On the contrary, Datto doesn’t offer any flexible long-term data retention and archiving capabilities, which forces users to opt for costly archiving solutions. 

It may be possible to archive data to Datto’s own cloud platform, but that will be very restrictive in terms of backup tiering and restore options. Also, it can’t automatically tier data from hot storage classes to cold storage classes.

Guest File System Indexing and Granular Search

Using Veeam's functionality, MSP Backup includes the creation of a catalog of guest files, enabling granular search and recovery of individual files. 

Datto's backup service doesn’t offer the ability to index file systems during or after a backup, so granular search and recovery are often tricky.

Backup Recoverability Verification

With MSP Backup, users can schedule and automatically test and verify the recoverability of protected workloads by running a virtual machine (VM) or agent-based backup directly from the backup file in an isolated environment. Moreover, built-in scripts can be used for application verification. 

Datto Backup, on the other hand, offers very limited testing capabilities that lack isolation and flexibility. 

Why Probax MSP Backup with Veeam v12 is the Best Datto Backup Alternative

For MSPs seeking a backup solution, Probax MSP Backup – combining the power of Veeam V12 and the scalability and affordability of Wasabi cold storage, stands out as the best alternative to Datto Backup. 

MSP Backup also offers a great set of features for MSPs who wish to migrate off Datto’s services for reasons including affordability, flexibility and scalability.

Probax MSP Backup offers many advantages over Datto Backup, including seamless integration with Wasabi hot cloud storage.

Datto focuses on small to mid-sized SMB environments, primarily using Managed Service Providers (MSPs) as their go-to-market strategy. They prioritize simplicity, offering basic backup and restore capabilities through their small appliances and built-in cloud. However, their features are less advanced compared to MSP Backup, and their reliance on backup/recovery rather than replication results in inferior Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).

Datto's all-in-one appliance approach leads to vendor lock-in and limited deployment flexibility. Their appliances lack scalability options, requiring customers to manually migrate backup data to a larger model. Datto's solution is also limited in capabilities compared to MSP Backup, lacking support for modern workloads and offering limited immutability and application recovery options.

Now, let’s explore the differences in more detail:

Backup Targets

Datto restricts backups to be stored only on their appliances or proprietary cloud, limiting storage options. On the other hand, MSP Backup incorporates built-in storage options from Wasabi as a one stop shop solution that scales with the customer’s requirements.

Scale-out Backup Repository

Datto appliances can’t be clustered, significantly affecting their scalability potential. 

When an appliance reaches maximum capacity, users need to upgrade to a larger model and migrate the data, which also makes managing more than one appliance separately more complex. 

In contrast, MSP Backup with Wasabi storage offers a scale-out backup repository that allows organizations to continue to scale their backup infrastructure as required. 

Transport Mode Options

Datto offers physical appliances with NBD backup support. This may cause problems with large virtual disks. It’s also worth noting that agentless backups don’t work on encrypted VMs or systems with specific configurations. 

In comparison, MSP Backup has a variety of transport mode options, including backing up directly from SAN/NFS storage, hypervisor stack, or over LAN.

MSP Backup also lets customers choose the most suitable transport mode for their environment, whether it's physical or virtual, overcoming many of the limitations in Datto’s solution. 

Agentless App Transaction Log Truncation

One of the most significant limitations of Datto’s backup and recovery solution is that it doesn’t process or truncate transaction logs for databases except through native VSS functionality. This makes efficient management of database logs more challenging. 

On the other hand, MSP Backup and Veeam offer agentless app transaction log truncation for databases like SQL Server and Exchange, enabling the automation of the log truncation process and simplify the backup and recovery process of mission-critical data.

Restore VM Backup to Public Cloud

Datto’s recovery options are limited to its proprietary cloud infrastructure, so it’s not possible to use public cloud to recover VMs and systems.

Whereas MSP Backup and Wasabi are more flexible in this department as they allow the restoration or migration of VMs, physical servers, and endpoints directly to public cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure & Azure Stack, and Google Compute Engine. 

This flexibility enables seamless recovery and migration.

Instant Database Recovery (SQL and Oracle)

Datto doesn’t have built-in instant database recovery capabilities, leaving users with no choice but to manually mount database files from file restore network shares. That’s not the case with MSP Backup, which has instant recovery for SQL and Oracle databases via agentless recovery. 

MSP Backup also offers advanced switchover options and database synchronization, ensuring that customers' operations aren’t significantly disturbed during database recovery.

What does Veeam Backup & Replication v12 include?

Probax MSP Backup is powered by the latest version of Veeam Backup & Replication - version 12 - released in 2023. Veeam Backup & Replication has over 15 years of continued innovation and iteration and brought new features to the market, including Instant Recovery.

Veeam v12 brings many enterprise-grade capabilities that are optimized for the hybrid cloud and harden your security posture with trusted immutability and features that improve your ransomware response with cyber–resilient and orchestrated recovery.

Probax MSP Backup builds on the powerful capabilities of Veeam v12 meaning MSPs can access the latest and most secure features through the straightforward MSP Backup interface.

Probax MSP Backup vs Datto: The Final Verdict

After a thorough evaluation of the features, capabilities, and customer feedback, it’s clear that Probax MSP Backup, powered by Veeam and Wasabi, offers a compelling solution for data protection and recovery compared to Datto. MSP Backup’s extensive range of advanced functionalities and robust customer support make it a standout choice for MSPs catering to enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) alike. 

It offers extensive customer support resources, scalability, and broad applicability, making it a compelling choice for organizations seeking robust data protection and recovery solutions. Whether it's for enterprise-grade deployments or SMB requirements, Probax MSP Backup stands out as the optimal choice for businesses looking to safeguard their critical data and ensure seamless operations.

Let’s summarize the key factors that differentiate Probax MSP Backup and Veeam from Datto:

1) Market Leading Capabilities with MSP Friendly Flexibility

Probax MSP Backup leverages the market-leading capabilities of Veeam, complemented by low-touch automation, which significantly streamlines the deployment, management, and monitoring of backups, as well as issue resolution across all client systems through a single interface. Additionally, the flexible month-to-month plans and extensive integration options empower MSPs to offer tailored, no lock-in services that precisely meet the specific needs and budgets of their clients, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. This powerful combination of advanced technology and adaptable service options ensures that MSPs can deliver top-tier, effective, and cost-efficient data protection solutions.

2) Scalability and Affordability

MSP Backup’s architecture based on included Wasabi storage is designed to scale seamlessly for hundreds of virtual machines (VMs) and multiple sites, making it a suitable choice for MSPs managing organizations with diverse infrastructure requirements. The advanced monitoring and central management across sites further demonstrate MSP Backup's scalability and provide users with the necessary tools to ensure optimal performance at scale.

3) Extensive Customer Service

Probax’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its extensive Knowledge Base and resource library, which includes how-to videos, technical posts, webinars, and demos. The availability of complete and clear user guides, along with active user forums, ensures that MSP can join a like-minded community and have access to comprehensive support materials.

Considering your MSP's alternatives to Datto?

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