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Why Is It Important To Backup And Archive Dropbox When It'S Already A Cloud-Based Storage And Collaboration Platform? | Probax

Your MSP clients are already tuned in to the need to backup and to archive their files and sensitive or business-critical assets. This is why they use your managed services to keep their businesses operating the right way.

This is also why they use Dropbox — a leading cloud storage and collaboration platform with a strong track record in keeping user data safe and readily accessible.

But this is not the end of the story – this is not "job done". 

Your clients still need to be backing up and archiving the data and assets they store via Dropbox, securing them from such perils as large scale loss or unauthorised access.

But why is this? Why is the cloud structure of Dropbox not enough to keep these assets safe and secure?

Another line of defense: Why Dropbox alone might not be enough

Dropbox positions itself in the market as a leading global collaboration platform that's transforming the way people work together, from the smallest business to the largest enterprise. At the core of its offering, Dropbox provides businesses with easy access to cloud storage and offers a range of different features to help them get the most out of this storage concept.

However, just as with any broad-ranging service, there are certain key areas in which its provisions may not provide full coverage to the corporate sector. This is something you and your clients need to be aware of.

Parameters of Dropbox services

The Dropbox service is a highly effective one that provides huge advantages to many business and individual users. However, it is a general service and isn’t capable of providing the reliable, tailored, long term archiving capabilities many clients — particularly business clients — need and expect.

You need to offer your clients the very best in managed services, and this means working with software partners who can extend key services to make them more useful for your clients.

If your client requires additional archiving and other protections, deploying Dropbox alone might not be suitable.

Dropbox deletion policies

Dropbox archives deleted files for up to 120 days. This means any files that have been manually deleted — whether intentionally or otherwise — will not be permanently backed up.

This can result in potential problems for your clients further down the line.

A culture of good data hygiene and safety

Your clients’ workplace culture – not to mention your own – needs to be geared towards data security and business continuity as a top priority. This means educating their teams in the dangers of poor cybersecurity, as well as delivering a keen understanding of what needs to be done to eliminate such risks.

Extending the advantages of Dropbox with Probax

Dropbox is already providing your clients with the flexibility and agility that the cloud can bring. The answer to its service limitations is not a replacement in the traditional sense, but an extension — a means by which businesses can leverage the best advantages of Dropbox, while gaining the peace of mind that comes from additional and independent protection.

This is where an archiving and backup service like Probax is so worthwhile. With Probax’s Dropbox Backup & Archive solution, your clients will benefit from enterprise-level SaaS backup and archiving capabilities that enhance data security and reliability while offering effective disaster recovery even in the extreme event of a ransomware attack.

The solution ensures full regulatory compliance, even as legislation requirements evolve over time. What’s more, it secures full peace of mind for you and for your clients and customers.

To learn more about how Probax Dropbox Backup & Archive can make the managed services you offer more effective and robust, get in touch with our team to find out more about joining our MSP channel partner programme.

Discover more at Dropbox backup & Archive webpage.

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