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The DRaaS Revenue Opportunity for MSPs On-Demand Probax Pivots to Innovate:

Probax’s cloud storage solutions have a new name – Honeycomb.

The new name applies to our existing products as follows:

We have decided to combine all cloud storage solutions under the name ‘Honeycomb’ for a few reasons; one being that we are actively working on adding to our cloud storage offerings in Australia and North America… look out for more announcements in this space.

So what is special about our Honeycomb cloud storage solutions?

“Honeycomb provides our customers with a range of secure, scalable and highly available storage options that cater to different requirements and budgets. Honeycomb storage is integrated with our intuitive and intelligent Hive platform – providing customers with unmatched automation, monitoring and reporting capabilities across all storage options.” says Sam Meegahage, CEO at Probax.

The name Honeycomb was previously only used for Probax’s Archive Storage, also known as AaaS Cloud Storage.

Sam Meegahage says “Why we choose Honeycomb as the new name for all our cloud storage? Because in the ‘bees’ world’ it’s a highly efficient structure which utilises the least amount of material to hold the most weight possible. Probax’s Honeycomb cloud storage solutions are also driven by efficiency which made the name Honeycomb a good fit.”

Wondering what’s up with all the bees?

Sam Meegahage says “There are many reasons why we’re inspired by bees. Bees collaborate, communicate and work together efficiently. Every bee has purpose and makes a meaningful contribution. They anticipate risks and adapt well to changing environments. Similar to how important the beehive is for bees, Probax Hive is the hub for all your data protection needs!”

Honeycomb cloud storage solutions offer a choice of products & services at different price levels, yet all solutions are highly scalable and available.

And being inspired by the bees’ world we’ve also decided to rename our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution to Second Colony DRaaS.


For more information or to discuss your specific requirements you can contact your Probax Partner Manager or email our sales team at