Probax Pivots to Innovate: Full Focus on Award-winning Technology 

Probax today announced a strategic partnership with ThinkOn Inc. This move amplifies Probax's focus on its unique proprietary technologies, laying the groundwork for the company to extend its reach within the Veeam ecosystem.

"This partnership commences a new chapter for Probax, one where our game-changing intellectual property becomes our core focus," stated Tim Smith, Chief Executive Officer at Probax.

Amid this strategic realignment, ThinkOn is set to be the first Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) globally to gain access to the power of Probax’s proprietary technologies - Hive and Scout. These revolutionary tools are establishing new industry benchmarks in data protection automation, intelligence and management for users and resellers of Veeam Software. Meanwhile, ThinkOn will take ownership of Probax’s global client portfolio and associated assets, inclusive of its global infrastructure and selected talent pool.

"We take immense pride in our repeated recognition as a Veeam Innovation Award recipient," Smith added. "This is a testament to our continuous endeavor to pioneer and innovate. Our transformation into a dedicated Software-as-a-Service company further strengthens our resolve to be the ideal partner for Veeam Software and provide the utmost value for their partner network and end customers.”

Reflecting on Probax's journey, Smith highlighted, "Our long-standing partnership with Veeam has been instrumental to our growth. It has propelled us on a trajectory of rapid evolution, and stands as a testament to our relentless drive for innovation."

As Probax enters this promising new phase, the focus sharpens on its unique market position and proprietary technology. "This is a thrilling time for Probax," Smith concluded. "As we double down on our innovative technology, we're more prepared than ever to deliver heightened value to our partners, resellers and the entire Veeam ecosystem."

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