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May 31, 2018

What Are The Most Important Qualities MSPs Need To Look For In A Backup Vendor Partner? | Probax

Partnering with another organization is probably one of the most important decisions in any business. After all, who you partner with could make the difference between your business soaring to great heights or failing to even get off the ground.

MSPs looking for a backup vendor partner have many options available to them. From local vendors to global powerhouses, the options are endless when it comes to backup service providers.

In a world where you are spoilt for choice, choosing the right alternative from a range of options is not a simple proposition, and as such selecting the right backup vendor for your business can be difficult. However, if we look at a few important qualities to look for when selecting a backup vendor, making the right choice does not necessarily have to be that hard.


Growth is the key to business survival. A business without a strategy for growth is doomed to fail at some point in time. For this reason, it is imperative that the backup vendor you as the MSP choose has a stated growth strategy as well as a track record which proves its growth over time.

Growth is not only important for the financial sustainability of a business. Product vendors need growth to invest in researching and developing new products to meet the demands of the dynamic technology landscape.

In 2017, Veeam achieved a 36 percent year on year growth rate for its business with a 4th quarter growth totalling 48 percent when compared to the same quarter in the previous fiscal year. Probax which is a proud supplier of Veeam backup solutions to MSPs, has grown into a global cloud service provider, recently adding a data centre in New Jersey to its existing global footprint of international sites in London and South Africa.

These facts prove that partnering with Probax not only gives you access to superior online backup skills, it also assures you that investing in a Probax partnership ensures you a platform that will continue to grow and realign itself as international data backup norms and technologies change.


Trust is an important factor in any relationship and in business the trust needed between a vendor and a partner is sacrosanct. Without trust there can be no platform for you to build the trust relationship which is crucial for an MSP to cultivate a growing relationship with your customers.

Providing top quality service and never dropping the ball is essential to your business and you need the same assurance from your vendors. After all, if they fail you, you will fail with your customers.

Probax provides a Veeam managed cloud provider platform which has been built to ensure it has the necessary resiliency and redundancy to withstand any planned or unplanned eventuality which may result in data loss. In addition, with many years of combined experience in data protection across its skilled engineers, and a reputation for excellence which has been built since 2005, Probax is a business you can trust with your customers’ data.


The final ingredient needed for a successful partnership is flexibility from both parties. Your backup vendor should appreciate the fact that your business and by extension your customers are unique, and you therefore require solutions which align to your business model. Your backup vendor should therefore provide a flexible partner and solution model which you can then tailor to meet the unique requirements of your business and ultimately your customers.

Probax’s white label business model is built for flexibility and gives MSPs the ability to promote their business and build their brand while working with a world class Veeam powered backup solution platform.

Refined over the last decade, Probax’s cloud backup platform manages profitability, workflow, compliance and risk giving you the peace of mind you need knowing your customers’ data is protected.

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