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The DRaaS Revenue Opportunity for MSPs On-Demand Probax Pivots to Innovate:

Organizations are always looking for new ways to improve performance and enhance productivity. In many ways, data storage and transmission are at the forefront of business optimization, with modern workplace management based on information integrity and procedural finesse. Cloud-based data storage is quickly becoming the norm, with Dropbox one of the leading proponents.

Dropbox is an incredibly powerful and secure cloud storage and collaboration platform specializing in diverse data retention, recovery, and compliance across industry sectors. Like all data services, however, additional backup and data security are absolutely critical.

Probax specializes in Dropbox data protection, with our Dropbox Backup & Archive solutions a fantastic way to protect your clients and generate a new revenue stream for your MSP.

The revenue potential of Dropbox Backup & Archive

Adding Dropbox Backup & Archive to your MSP service catalogue represents an opportunity to generate new recurring revenue from existing clients, as well as offer a point of difference for your MSP to the market.

So what exactly is this revenue potential?

Take a single MSP customer with 100 users using Dropbox Business.

With an RRP of A$13.00 per user per month for comprehensive data protection and unlimited retention of Dropbox Team data, an MSP can make $15,600 in additional recurring revenue per annum from this client alone.

With MSPs making 48% margin on Probax Dropbox Backup & Archive, this equates to A$7,488 per client added to the company’s bottom line each year (using the example above).

Deploying this service to 20 of your managed clients of a similar means A$149,760 of net new profit per annum.

Benefits of Dropbox data protection services for MSPs

Aside from the revenue potential, let's look at three other key advantages of Dropbox protection services, both for you and your clients:

  1. Add value to your service
    Additional data security is always welcomed by the market, with Dropbox protection providing a degree of differentiation that will help you capture new clients and enhance customer loyalty. Your clients will benefit from an additional layer of protection and enhanced peace of mind.
  2. Increase your reputation
    When aligned with other key initiatives, a Dropbox protection service can help to improve your reputation as a managed service provider. In the modern-day world of big data and big data breaches, security is one factor that continues to build your reputation.
  3. Create a recurring revenue stream
    When combined with your existing Dropbox service, a protection charge will provide you with a flexible and recurring stream of revenue. Selling new services to your existing client base is far easier than selling to fresh prospects, with a small charge to multiple clients likely to have a significant effect.

Discover Dropbox Backup & Archive

To learn more about how Probax Dropbox Backup & Archive can make the managed services you offer more effective and robust, get in touch with our team to find out more about joining our MSP channel partner programme.

Discover more at Dropbox backup & Archive solutions page.