June 27, 2019

Probax Partners with Wasabi to Optimize Data Backup and Recovery Solutions in North America

Probax is pleased to announce its partnership with Wasabi, the hot cloud storage company. As a Wasabi partner, Probax has integrated their cloud-based data protection solutions in North America with Wasabi's public cloud object storage solution resulting in a high-performance, affordable cloud storage option that optimizes Probax's fast, flexible and reliable backup, recovery and replication for applications and data. Together, Probax and Wasabi allow customers to use the Probax platform to manage and protect their vital business data. Customers can quickly and reliably backup critical applications and data to a disruptively affordable and higher performing cloud storage service for ultimate protection and economics.

Probax's first Wasabi-integrated solution offered to its North American partners is Dropbox Backup & Archive, a cloud-to-cloud data protection solution for users of Dropbox. Probax's integration for Dropbox adds backup, long-term archival and rapid ransomware recovery capabilities to the popular cloud storage and collaboration solution for businesses. Now with Wasabi, Probax customers and partners can realize the reliable and secure backup and long term retention for Dropbox with the speed, security, reliability and unlimited storage of Wasabi. With Dropbox Backup & Archive, partners can offer an easy to use, turn-key and incredibly affordable Dropbox backup solution; everything is packaged together from start to finish.

As Probax integrates Wasabi hot cloud storage into additional solutions, customers and partners will have access to affordable and limitless cloud storage to serve any need including second copy backup, primary copy backup, disaster recovery or long-term archive, all at the industry's most affordable rates. This disruptive cloud storage solution opens up the floodgates for data - customers can store more data, even in multiple locations and environments.

David Friend, CEO of Wasabi says, "Probax is the perfect example of a cloud services provider who knows how to offer real business value to their customers. This partnership will empower MSPs to offer Probax solutions leveraging a disruptive price and performance model while increasing their margins."

"We are looking forward to working with Wasabi, expanding upon our storage and integrating more of our North American focused products with Wasabi's hot cloud storage," says Sam Meegahage, CEO of Probax. "Wasabi will allow our partners to offer Probax solutions from anywhere in North America at a price point that allows for maximum margin gain. This makes for a more streamlined and effective sales process for the partner, something that Probax strives for in every partner solution we offer."

By leveraging the Probax platform, North American MSPs servicing the enterprise, small business, and public sector can now offer cost effective and leading backup and recovery solutions to their customers. Organizations of all sizes can now easily integrate with Wasabi's affordable and fast hot cloud storage solution to improve the bottom line. The new partnership offers substantial cost savings and enhanced performance so partners can gain additional margin while providing a cost effective, reliable and secure storage solution.

Customers can learn more about this partnership by visiting https://www.probax.io/solutions/integrations/wasabi

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