April 17, 2018

How Probax and Veeam can help you grow your MSP business

Trust is the cornerstone of your MSP business model. Customers trust you to manage their critical IT services for them and as the MSP you need to constantly manage, maintain and take exceptional care of your customer’s environment to keep that trust.

The problem with trust is that it is difficult to earn but easy to lose. The trust customers place in you comes from the ongoing extraordinary effort you put in to keep their systems secure and available. However, as you know, a single incident could break the trust you have worked so hard to build over time.

Building customer trust with Data Protection services

The single largest threat to the trust, which has been created between an MSP and a customer over time, is losing data. Unlike other incidents where recovery is possible, data loss is the one incident for which there is no coming back from. Even if the MSP is not directly responsible for data protection, we all know the burden somehow always falls on the service provider.

However, the flip side of the coin is also true. An MSP who saves the day when disaster strikes instantly gains the customer’s trust. If your planning, implementation and execution of a data protection solution bears fruit and prevents data loss, you instantly gain the respect and trust of the customer you saved.

Starting with Cloud Backup and Recovery

The creation of cloud-based backup and recovery services have introduced flexibility and efficiency into the operations of a traditional MSP. The one aspect of traditional backups, which limited what you were able to do with data protection solutions, was the constraint on storage resources. Limited storage meant lower data retention times and longer restore times as you were forced into differential and incremental backups to save storage space.

Cloud-based backup solutions remove this limitation.

Now you can backup what you want whenever you want. Probax’s Backup & Replication solution, which is built on Veeam’s award winning data protection platform, gives you the flexibility you need to ensure your customers’ data is always protected and easily recoverable.

Our Probax Control console is a sophisticated backup management tool which integrates with Veeam’s Cloud Connect solution giving you insight and control over the data you need to protect across your client base.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

You can also grow your MSP business by taking backup and recovery to the next level with our world leading Disaster Recovery as a Service solution.

Built on Veeam, Probax’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) ensures you can offer your customer a secure and efficient option for data recovery built on enterprise grade data protection and recovery technologies.

Our DRaaS solution offers a partial failover service where a tenant can quickly recover a corrupted VM by failing over to its replica on one of our cloud hosts. To ensure your customer’s newly restore cloud VM can communicate with their on-premise environment, Veeam Backup & Replication uses paired network extension appliances to create a VPN tunnel. This ensures their restored VMs in the cloud can seamlessly communicate with their local Infrastructure on the same network.

When your customer’s entire environment goes offline, a full site failover, where all critical VMs fail over to their replicas on a cloud host, is there when you need it most.

Why Veeam Cloud Connect

Probax believes in providing the world’s leading data protection solutions so that our MSP partners have the best platforms to deploy for their customers. Hence the substantial investment we have made in our partnership with Veeam.

The Veaam Cloud Connect offering has the features we know you as MSPs need to successfully execute on your contracts and grow your business. With benefits like no dependency on third-party software, expedited onboarding, automated network reconfiguration, bandwidth friendly features and broad coverage we believe this to be the best data protection solution in the world today.

Understanding how to overcome the challenges of selling backup

Our informative whitepaper Top 10 Challenges MSPs Face When Selling Backup provides you with all the information you need to grow your backup sales.

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