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The DRaaS Revenue Opportunity for MSPs On-Demand Probax Pivots to Innovate:

Probax is pleased to announce that we have officially released our new Digital Marketing Toolkit (DMT) to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in North America. The new DMT will provide partners with a full featured and free library of marketing assets designed to help MSPs customize and launch lead generation marketing campaigns quickly and easily. The entire toolkit can be co-branded or completely MSP branded and includes a free suite of options including:
  • The Probax DMT Guidebook – The core execution guide for launching effective lead generation campaigns for Managed Backup Services
  • Website and landing page content
  • Targeted email templates with industry specific analysis and statistics
  • Content offers including a Disaster Preparedness Checklist
  • Content offers including 20+ focused email templates
  • Social media content
  • Customizable sales presentation templates
  • Data breach legislation information

“Probax is a multi-vendor, multi-tenant Platform as a Service, offering intelligent and automated cloud solutions including BaaS, DRaaS, AaaS, SaaS Protection and Software Licensing to MSPs globally. Our award-winning solutions are available to channel partners in Australia, New Zealand USA and Canada.” Say Sam Meegahage, CEO of Probax. “Offering a comprehensive, free library of marketing assets in North America is our way of helping our partners with their digital content, marketing and sales efforts. Delivering polished, professional and relevant content is a challenge for all MSPs and with our new marketing toolkit, partners can easily deliver branded marketing content promoting their data protection and disaster recovery services.”, adds Meegahage.

“We are incredibly excited to offer our new marketing toolkit to Managed Service Providers, System Integrators and Value-Added Resellers of all sizes.” Says Nadia Allan, VP of Sales, Americas at Probax. “All partners would agree that sales and marketing are amongst the hardest aspects within their business and we want to help our partner growth through effective lead generation, sales and marketing. Our DMT will save our partners marketing time and dollars; something all partners will appreciate.” Says Allan.

Prior to our release, Probax had asked a select few partners to trial the DMT and provide their feedback. The results were positive:

"The Probax DMT has allowed us to deliver relevant and impactful content to our clients. We have seen a significant uptake in data protection services thanks to the industry-specific content and lead generation campaigns created by Probax" says Andrew Holding, Director at Initiative IT.

“As an IT Provider, our customers depend on us to be present, be relevant and add value. With Probax's Digital Marketing Toolbox, we can be the trusted advisors our customers need, minus the costs of having to develop our own content." says Milan Maricic, Chief Operations Officer at SIAX Computing Solutions.

The DMT is available to all Probax partners globally via their management portal, Probax Control or by contacting

With the launch of the new DMT, Probax is also pleased to announce significant partner growth in North America with a 1,800% growth in partner signings in the first quarter of 2019 when compared to 2018. Probax has grown within North America as partners enjoy the flexible and MSP friendly backup and recovery solutions. One such signing was with Stage2Data, a premier and uniquely positioned business continuity managed service provider in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

“Stage2Data is an elite Managed Service Provider offering our clients premier DRaaS, BaaS and managed services.”, states Stephen Pyott, VP of Sales at Stage2Data. “Stage2Data focuses on adding true turn-key solutions and value for our clients. We had an immediate need for Office365 protection and evaluated several archive and backup solutions. After just one meeting and demo with Probax, and after we trialed their complete portfolio of products, we had no hesitation about becoming a partner. Once we compared Probax to every other provider, Probax’s offer was, by far, the easiest yet most comprehensive solution available.”, adds Pyott

“We are very happy that Stage2Data choose Probax. Stage2Data is a well-established MSP with very select clients. Having Stage2Data as our first large Canadian partner is exciting for everyone at Probax.” says Meegahage.

For more information, please refer to our media release